Among the negative impacts of the pandemic, social media has done a super positive help to many local restaurants in Houston, TX. Let’s see how 5 famous restaurants glow on social media and earn amazing great revenues in return. 

1. Phat Eatery:

While other restaurants focus on in-person dining experience, Phat Eatery pays more attention to their food appearance, which means food that looks good in eater’s photos. They consider user-generated content (UGC)  as a strong tool to catch customers’ attention. UGC is a good way for every restaurant to gain trust and curiosity by including messages, pictures, and promotion reminders created by guests.

2. Dish Society

For any breakfast lovers, healthy meal seekers, and The Astros’ fan, Dish Society is a gem in the city! Despite the harsh pandemic, Dish Society has always won their customers back through social media’s trend sharing, which are: sharing to Astro fans “Which Astro loves Dish,” cheering with UH Cougars heading to Final Four game, celebrating Taco Day with Fox 26 Houston and Fox 26 Ruben…

3. Café Poêtes

After suffering from the impacts of the pandemic, Café Poêtes got back to French food seekers in an aesthetic way. By taking advantage of different special occasions, they gain the return of many customers. They launch take-out dishes during the lockdown, different high tea menus for special days (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day…), and unique events monthly to keep customers thinking of their next ideas. 

4. Xochi

Looking for a place to get tipsy with friends? Xochi is the one you are seeing on many social media platforms. Using trending hashtags, their posts appear more often on eater’s news feeds. The owner understands the importance of high-quality pictures on social media, which is why all photos and short videos on Xochi’s fan page are always on point and eye-catching. 

5. Matcha Cafe Maiko – Houston

Houstonian matcha fans spread the word to each other with stunning desserts of Matcha Cafe Maiko. The owner of this place also uses UGC to do branding for them. Mixing social media’s posts with UGC and colorful imagery, this place successfully keeps their customers coming back more and more often. 

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