“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success,” said Alexander Graham Bell.

Every owner needs to find out the golden rules in the F & B industry to prepare for a successful grand opening for the coffee or milk tea shops.

One of those is the 3D RULE. 

Let’s prepare for your coffee shop grand opening

1. Determine your business concept

You need to find out the concept your coffee shop would fall into. Would it be more on the art style? Would it be more in the minimal or student-friendly style?

It’s crucial! You can’t run a business without a big image of how it is going to be. If there is no concept along with the plan, your business plan probably got off poorly and failed to reach target customers.

2. Drive-through for bakery coffee and milk tea store

Every great start requires a certain amount of time researching how to work the business plan out. You should analyze carefully your collected data and bring up the best promotions that fit the plans, such as running promotions of free trials and samples of drinks. This means a marketing plan should be oriented to start off a long-term plan.

3. Determine your branding

Branding could be based on the logo, theme colors and slogans of your shop.

More importantly, you need to point out your Unique Selling Point to make yourself stand out of the crowd and reach target customers. 

Let’s take a quick look at how those successful coffee shops in Houston do their branding.

  • Morningstar on Main St was well-known as a best for doughnut enthusiasts.
  • Paper Co coffee shop on Elder St stands out for its industrial vibe inner decoration.
  • Campesino Cafe on Waugh Dr is a word by mouth of those who love quiet coffee shops with a mixed culture vibe of Mexico and Latin America. 

With all of that being said, 3D RULE is what you should consider when grand opening your coffee shop as it covers all the biggest bullet points on your To Do List for a great start.

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