Coffee makes everything possible, but you need to make your coffee possible first! Coming to important steps before launching your dream coffee shop, Determine your menu prices is the next important thing that you want to focus on.

Following the previous part of Grand opening to-do list, let’s have a look at what next that you should keep in mind for the most important day of your business.

Let’s prepare for your coffee shop grand opening

Price is always a boiling topic people are murmuring around. Here are 3 questions to solve when making a menu. 

1. Customers

Who are you selling to?”

Knowing your customers is one of the best ways to create sales, of course! Depending on who your customers are, prices will be flexing around to meet their “my drink” budget. 

FUN FACT: price range on menu with differences 2% to 12% can meet more needs than those with one range or not so different prices.

2. Location

Where is your store?”

Are you at a location with white-collar people rushing to their offices? Or are you in a target location where college students usually hang around to find “studying inspiration”?

By determining where your coffee shop is, you can choose a price that fits the market you are in. Remember, there is a huge difference between the upmarket and a sub-area.

3. Direct cost

“How much does it cost you to make a coffee?”

Well, opening a business is all about making profits, isn’t it? It’s a must to be aware of the direct costs to your coffee. It’d be better to make a cost estimate and average week’s sales, as it can help to determine which prices should be for each item to assure your profits.

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