Is Google Ads a choice for your business?

Google ads have become one of the best choices of reputation diffusion for most businesses. What if people look for your business online but they stop by your competitors as their ads appear on top of the results while your website is just a scroll down?

What are Google Ads? How important are they?

In the simplest way, Google Ads are advertisements appearing as results on the Google search engine. They are fairly easy to understand and without a doubt, truly vital to consider no matter what and where your business is.

It is no longer a novel term when someone looks for answers, services, products on Google. And in fact, for almost every question, statement, query people make, ads are appearing one on top of another in the list of results.

Is your business appearing on the top of your customers’ search results?

What is right with Google Ads?

Recently, business owners may find customers’ negative responses about ads on many platforms, reviews, or comments. This makes them hesitate about choosing a way to expose themselves to new customers which makes them slower in gaining popularity and raising sales profits.

At first, using ads or avoiding them is much like a trade-off decision for small and medium businesses. However, we will try to learn if these ads are not worth it, why companies are still using them. There must be a reason and let’s try to analyse this in greater detail.

Most users do not look for their answers while they are using apps, social media, or reading. But when they put a query on the Google search bar, they are most likely looking for answers. Therefore, it is time for your business to appear and offer them the most satisfying answer. This may seem contradictory to the benefits from ads on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. But let’s come back to this later.

The network traffic on Google is enormous.

Total visits to Google on all kinds of devices including desktop, mobile, etc in North America is over 25% of the Internet traffic (SimilarWeb, 2020). Globally, there are 3.5 billion searches every day and therefore, 1.2 trillion searches per year (InternetLiveStats, 2020).

These statistics are literally beyond imagination. Since “numbers don’t lie”, we all have to admit that if a business appears on Google, one way or another, they will be known by more people than they may have expected.

Google ads, for the same reason, have become one of the best choices of reputation diffusion for most businesses. What if people look for your business online but they stop by your competitors as their ads appear on top of the results while your website is just a scroll down? Then, let QTPro make you become the first answer for your customers.

Understand both your customers and your answers.

When people search for a product or service, they are looking for a real answer. With the most common knowledge, you and your customers know that there is nothing like “The best milk tea in the world” or “The fastest ISP in the world” because if there is, their competitors should not be able to exist.

So, what their query may look like? “Milk tea in [Location]”, “Nail shop in [Location], “Realtor in [Location], “Vietnamese restaurant in [Location]”, “ Lawyer in [Location]”, etc. Being more specific is building awareness about your brand. In the first moment when your business starts, you must be aware that you have strengths and based on those, your business will grow. Thus, branding with Google Ads will consolidate your image against your competitors in the market.

More importantly, for the same question as above, Google will provide users with different results based on many factors such as physical location, search history, recently visited sites, etc. This is a huge and sophisticated aspect of the Google search engine. Consequently, it will make ads appearing on the result list vary among users. Fortunately, it will not be a huge concern for your business since QTPro is responsible for bringing your ads to the top of your customers’ search results with our technical understanding of the engine.

Make your appearance worth it.

As mentioned above, people may find ads annoying and distracting. However, it is because they are busy with something else or some specific topics. But when they look for your service, let’s (them) be the first to offer them the most satisfying answer.

QTPro consists of experienced analysts and marketers who have been engaging with customers for years. We have learnt to be responsible for the enterprise’s reputation.

During leisure time when your customers are relaxing with funny topics on Instagram, it is annoying to say we are selling something. But telling them a funny story about our product will cheer them up while attracting their attention. Nevertheless, if your customers are looking for related products on Google, it is time for your Google Ads to appear.

Upon different platforms, your business will appear as your customers’ daily site, friendly service or ultimately, a trustworthy seller.