Mai Tai Express – Digital Marketing for Restaurant


Mai Tai Express is a popular Viet – Thai fast-casual restaurant located in Northeast Houston, TX. Their amazing Thai dishes with the wonder-Banh Mi can bring you eye-opening experiences from both cuisines. Boozy tastes with various dish types such as fried rice, noodle soup, and a great number of Banh Mi options guarantee to give you a happy face, happy tummy in each meal. With secret recipes and skillful chefs, there is nothing to complain about their food.

However, on their grand opening, they faced many challenges.

Mai Tai Express’s grand opening date landed right in the middle of the pandemic. Lockdowns and social distancing order turned their business when foodies did not know about them and it was a pleasure for QTPro to help Mai Tai Express from A to Z – “As is” to “Best” with our Full Digital Marketing Package!

Project Name
Mai Tai Express – Digital Marketing for Restaurant
Mai Tai Express
Our Role
Social Media Marketing and Website Development

The Problem Solver

QTPro chose to start the process by creating a Facebook fan page for Mai Tai Express because you cannot build a fandom without a place to gather them! In order for everyone to recognize the brand, QTPro then came up with a Corporation Identify Program (CIP) when we put our first step into the branding process. We decided to keep Mai Tai Express’s logo simple and minimal with their name in red orange on off white background. QTPro brought the dishes to life with our experienced photographers. Choosing the right corner to show the dish as its perfection is very different in commercial photographers’ sight. From the arrangement to angle shooting, all of those need skillful cameramen to recognize and snap. The process continued with a fancy touch-up of our graphic designers. While holding the spirit of the original photos, we added some effects and drawings to lighten the main character.

Using 4P Marketing Mix, QTPro easily pointed out the Unique Selling Point, target customers, and marketing strategies that worked best for Mai Tai Express from the beginning. Keeping up with their Facebook fan page, we work on our Action Plan to track our process. On a weekly basis, we uploaded posts with creative content and call-to-action statements to drive more customers to the page. Then comes “reminding” stories to amplify the spotlights of best-seller dishes and current promotions. The best part is running ads. To reach more potential customers, to collect the latest needs and wants, we have our digital marketers run and track all the ads for Mai Tai Express. Easier said than done, but we ended up with satisfying results!

The Results

Let the number do its work!

Ad results are the first as

  • Page hit 1097 likes in the first month.
  • Organic reach grew to 1400 on average.

Within 9 ad sets, QTPro was able to get

  • 1,433 engagements.
  • Reach: 13,138 people.
  • Impressions: 25,092 people.
  • Lower the cost per result to $0.30.

Mai Tai Express really turned from “zero” to “oh wowww” in just a month and still grows bigger and better everyday!

The Future

As QTPro earns the trust from the owner to go along with their business growth, we plan to make it even better in the upcoming times. It is time to meet and interact with our valued customers through more social media activities. Stay tuned with Mai Tai Express for more fan events: mini games, competitions, giveaway…

QTPro tends to win more expectations and satisfactions as we have guaranteed, “Only the best because we are the best!”