Van Houston Academy – Digital Marketing Solution

Private School wins trust with marketing! Why not?

Van Houston Academy, a private school based in Houston, Texas, offers certified courses for 3rd-12th grades. Besides signature SAT Prep and college essays, their curriculum features lessons on civil education and career counselling, as well as extraordinary activities like field trips. All is to equip students with knowledge and leadership skills for future success.

While the institution was trapped in the wood of methods to reach more parents and students, QTPro Marketing showed up timely to help them boost traffic to their Facebook Page and generate more leads.

Digesting our client’s objectives, our team chose Facebook as the first shot in our marketing strategies to grow their online presence for authentic engagement and trust gaining.

Project Name
Van Houston Academy – Digital Marketing Solution
Van Houston Academy
Our Role
Social Media Marketing

Finding a niche

We target the Vietnamese community in Houston, as Van Houston Academy was founded by a Vietnamese American Stanford degree holder. We conducted content in Vietnamese on Facebook while maintaining English writing on the website to attract students from diverse colors and backgrounds.

Executing content pillars that emphasized:

  • Testimonies about course quality: students’ success stories and interviews, and parents’ touching feedback.
  • The use of visual tools: images of the school schedule and videos of field trips for our targeted audience to better visualize its atmosphere.
  • Transparent information about the school’s curriculum.
  • Updated news about SAT tests and survival tips for college success.
  • Inspiring quotes to highlight the school education mission and motivate students to attend Van Houston Academy for absorbing critically soft skills and moral lessons.

The Results

Van Houston Academy’s Facebook Page has reached 5.262 likes and 5.269 followers so far.

Many parents are impressed with Van Houston Academy’s well-rounded education, taking their kids to the school for courses, notably summer ones.

Beyond the Present

 With fruitful results, QTPro is delighted to accompany Van Houston Academy in the future. After building a solid foundation for the page, we are excited to produce more interactive content in this new phase.

Curious about our forward journey. Then, stay tuned for more useful information.